– Based on knowledge and expertise, and with the style and idiosyncrasy of a client as our rudder, we decide upon the form and spirit of the products to be manufactured.

– Visiting the location where the product will be installed is considered essential, not only because of the need to measure and illustrate the fitting area, but also in order to effect structural and aesthetic interventions that will produce a thorough result

– The active participation of the client in the above stages is necessary and essential. The presence of special associates, architects and interior designers on behalf of the client is welcome and encouraged by our firm.

– What follows is the design and configuration of the fitting area and furniture in miniature scale, which are subsequently presented and contrasted with actual micro-elements (etchings, cords, veneers), so that the client has a clear image of them.

– There is also provision of the electrical and hydraulic reports of the location so that the final result is constructionally, functionally and aesthetically complete.

– The financial proposal is then offered, wherein the client is given a variety of choices as to its settlement.

– The client is additionally offered the possibility to monitor each stage of the construction of the furniture and is optionally provided with a short course on materials, finishing techniques and styles.

– Additional services provided include the replacement of textiles and tapestries of used sitting room sets by experienced artisans, preservation and refurbishment of used furniture, application of new varnishes, traditional French patinas and other finishings.