Nick Karapiperidis

In 1965, G. Paritsis and G. Karapiperidis co-found their namesake furniture firm, which quickly becomes established in Thessaloniki as one of the finest in the field of handmade high-quality products. In 1996, the founders of the firm decide to hand over its management to the next generation, to Nikos Karapiperidis, with studies in interior design and wood morphology, and Stelios Paritsis, with studies in business management, who in turn set the creed of the firm…

“Quality is born of tradition,

Sophistication is born of experience,

Success is born of consistency…”

How do you deal with the fact that you are a fifth-generation furniture maker?

First of all, the feeling of responsibility is great, as it is necessary that I don’t remain static and that I evolve what I have inherited from previous generations. Moreover, there is the challenge of adapting the market data in the stages of planning and developing the firm.

Which one of your father’s advice do you follow unquestionably? Where do you identify any differences in your work, between your generation and your fathers’?

To be modest and humble, however high I reach, not to compromise at the loss of quality and not to aim for an easy sale at the expense of the client… The client should always be offered something upward of what they have paid for! Regarding the second question, the difference is clearly related to the market standards, which in our times ask more for an ‘entrepreneur’ than a great craftsman. However, in our firm these two qualities co-exist….

How would you define your business relationship with Stelios Paritsis?

Our relationship is defined by delegating responsibilities and assignments, from first contact with the client up to and including after-sales…

What is the range of products manufactured by your firm?

The range of our products and services includes the design of interiors as for ergonomics, electrical and hydraulic reports, cooling and heating, improvement via building materials (plasterboards)… In addition, we provide a full design of the furnishing constructions, interior doors, cabinets, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom sets, small pieces of furniture and sofas from our own collections. Finally, we are able to deliver the full range of constructions that a household or business require.

Furthermore, in collaboration with textile importers we provide a choice of styles in interior design so that it matches the selection of furnishing that we arrived at with the customer.

Classical or Modern? Which style do you prefer working with?

I’d say I am partial to the neoclassical, timeless style, the design of which I do by hand; which is not to say that I don’t find modern style, worked with CAD and 3D photorealism software on the computer, equally expressive…

Do you believe that classical constructions should adapt to contemporary trends?

Of course they should adapt, in order to be ergonomic, supported by present-day mechanisms, so that they present a ‘flowing’ sensation without unnecessary burdens.

Which is your favorite stage between designing and construction?

Both stages are really appealing and interesting! However, the process by which a design on paper turns into creation in the workshop is purely magical. The best moment though is when the client acknowledges your work…

What kind of commission would be a challenge to you?

Grandiose projects, such as classical buildings commissioned by the state, in which the neoclassical style is evident form the exterior and permeates the interior with appropriate furnishing and decoration etc.

If you were asked to publicize your work, which of its traits would you promote more than any other?

We are very proud as a firm, as we are characterized by high standards in construction, finishing, fitting… but also the fact that we deal with every commission as if it were our own household. I also believe that our success is stressed by the fact that we manage to keep a personal contact with our clients without there being a trace of dissatisfaction

You collaborate with Greek interior designers and architects. Do you think they are creative?

Yes, we collaborate with Greek interior designers and architects, but the case is that we materialize their inspiration and aesthetics as diligent constructors… I believe they are imaginative and creative to the point that we can even talk about Greek design.

Can you divulge some of your long-term plans?

It is our immediate priority to establish a show room in Athens…

At the same time, as our work is based on expert craftsmen, we would be interested to have a kind of apprenticeship for furniture craftsmen, based on the standards of our firm. Finally, one of our ongoing priorities has been the continuous development of our hardware and other equipment…