50 years of creation

In 1965, G. Paritsis and G. Karapiperidis co-found their namesake furniture firm, which quickly becomes established in Thessaloniki as one of the finest in the field of handmade high-quality products. Their furniture soon becomes known to the whole of Greece. Their trademark is excellent quality of materials, technical mastery in conjunction with aesthetics and ageless design.

G. Karapiperidis, fourth-generation in a family of Asia Minor furniture-makers, takes over the department of wood processing and furniture crafting.

G. Paritsis supervises the equally substantial department of installation and fitting of specific products within and outside the city of Thessaloniki.

The technical know-how, absolute quality of manufacturing, perfection in combining materials, and promptness of delivery resulted in establishing the company as a model and a place of co-operation with top architects and interior designers, who even today formulate unique proposals. In 1996, the founders of the firm decide to hand over its management to the next generation, while still overseeing the department of manufacturing

Nikos Karapiperidis, with studies in interior design and wood morphology, and Stelios Paritsis, with studies in business management, take over the firm and increasingly expand it, co-operating with interior designers and architects in Greece and abroad.

From 2002, the firm mobilizes itself from its new, state-of-the-art facilities of 7000 m2 in Kavalari, Thessaloniki. The functionality of these grounds lies in the fact that it is a vertical integration unit, which comprises: department of wood processing and assembly, department for handmade etching, department of frame construction and tapestry application, department of varnish and traditional handmade patina, as well as other specialized finishing techniques.

In 2009, the firm further expands, with the creation of its own exhibition area in eastern Thessaloniki (45 Aigaiou str, Kalamaria). In the showroom one can find examples of complete furnishing, such as pannellings, specialized constructions, built-in closets, interior doors, kitchen sets, dinette sets, bedroom sets, mobile furniture etc.